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Tagamanent  (Sergi & Yolanda)

In the heart of Montseny, Tagamanent is one of the most famous peaks in the area, with the Church of Saint Mary on the top, which can be seen from the surroundings. Although it is not too high (1056 meters), the climbing is very steep and makes it harder than other mountains in the area. We started from Aiguafreda, following a loop that goes down by Sierra de Fondrats. Depending on the stops made along the way, the whole route are around 5-6 hours

If you come by car on the C17, just when you take the exit to the village, turn right. Shortly after you will see the track which goes up and, a little further ahead, a place where several cars can be parked. Practically during all the way up, we followed GR-5, with white and red marks. Firstly, you go along a wide track, but soon, the GR continues by narrower paths, among the vegetation. This stretch is much more pleasant, walking through the vegetation and sheltered from the sun. It is important to dose the effort, because, although the ascension is not very long, it goes up continuously and by steep ramps.

Finally, you will arrive to a place where the GR-5 stops going up and continues around the top of the mountain, which is on the right hand side. You have to take one of the paths that go uphill to finish the climb. You will cross the lush vegetation before reaching the top, where you will find the church. Here, there was a castle, which is already mentioned in 945. Currently, there is the Church of Santa Maria, from the 12th century, Romanesque style. In addition to going for a walk around the church, you have to observe the great views of the valley.

We started to descend, going down the slope until we found GR-5 path, passing through the ruins of another small church. We saw a car park beside the way and, later, we leftthe track and followed a path with low vegetation until Masía de Bellver, which currently houses a restaurant. Always following the GR-5, we continued by a wide track to L'Agustí, an old farmhouse that now is an ethnological centre, but we found it closed.

We continue the GR-5 until a fence, where we left the main track to cross it and started the descent by a small path that crossed a meadow. Arriving at Bellit, an inhabited farmhouse, we returned to the track. The way had been flat until that moment, but, after crossing another fence, it was time to start going down. There are some signs that warn of the danger of a bull, but we just found some peaceful cows in the distance.

The last part of the excursion is always descending. You can take the track that leads to Aiguafreda, but it is a long way. A good option is to take a shortcut taking one of the many paths that appear in the curves of the road. In order not to get lost, the most important is to go always down and towards the west. Finally, you arrive at a campsite and you can follow the road to the car park.