The site where you can share your trips

We are Sergi and Yolanda, from Barcelona. We love travelling around the world and we decided to create this web to share our experiences and those of anyone who wants to collaborate.


During our trips, we found amazing places but also many people who treated us wonderfully, so in this web we want to recommend these places, restaurants, hotels...so that everyone can enjoy them as much as we did.


On the other hand, during every trip some troubles appear, like places where it's difficult to arrive or where it's difficult getting around. We would also like to help to solve this kind of problems as far as possible. Some of the travels we share are recent but others not so much, so some information can be outdated. For this reason, we will thank all your collaborations to try to update this kind of information and improve our web.


Our purpose is that anyone of you can send us their travels' stories or information. You can write about any place of the world, either a destination which already appears in the web or a new one. We'll create a section containing the complete travel diaries stories, for people who enjoy sharing them or reading them, but we are mainly interested in any information about sightseeings, transports, hotels or restaurants...so you can send us any data , even small one.


If you are going to travel to any destination which is included in the web or you simply have some doubt or curiosity, you can send us an email and we will help you as far as possible.


We encourage you to collaborate and we hope this project gets bigger and can help many travelers.


Thank you very much,



Sergi and Yolanda.